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Terms and Conditions for using the website www.tavlit-israel.com and sale conditions through the site


These terms and conditions apply between Laga'at Ba'aretz, Alon 489, D.N. Arvot Yericho 90618, Israel [hereafter “we”] and any person visiting or purchasing from the site www.tavlit-israel.com [“you”].
Terms of sale are subject to change without previous notice .

Article 1: Order conditions

By making an order, you declare that you are over 18 years and have a legal status that allows you to place an order on the site, without conditions and limitations. An order will not be considered if fields are not properly filled. We will not contact you if the order is not carried out according to the requirements as they appear in the website.

Article 2: Determination of the products

Data about our products are given only in the 'our maps' pages of the site. Any image or text anywhere else than in the 'our maps' pages of the site, whether on the home page, or in printed or web advertisement, can not be considered a faithful information about our products. In addition, there might be insignificant differences between the images and descriptions in “our maps” pages of our site, and the products themselves, differences we are not liable for.

Article 3: Price, availability, delivery

We announce the availability of the items on the product page in our site. If, despite our vigilance, the items you ordered are not available, we will notify you by e-mail as soon as possible.
If the product is not available until the next shipping date mentioned in the site, we will suggest to you a similar product. If we can not offer you a similar product or if you do not want it, the order will be canceled and you will be fully refunded.

Delivery: items remain our property until they are sent. We shall send to you the item at the date of the next shipping as mentioned in the “our maps” pages. However, we are not responsible for the shipping time or delay due to events of force majeure such as strikes, wars, or transportation problems beyond our control.

If the product is lost during shipping, an alternative product that corresponds to the order will be sent at the next shipping date. If the product ordered is not available, your order will be canceled and the money will be returned to you.
If you send us mailing details that are incomplete or false and for this reason the product comes back to us, you will be charged shipping and handling fees [15% of the value of the product]. Providing incorrect information is a violation of the law.

The sale and shipping of maps outside Israel will not start before April 25th, 2011. Any order coming from abroad or requesting a shipment to a foreign country will not be taken into consideration before this date.

Article 4: Returns, refunds and replacement of product

We are committed to do everything we can to satisfy your orders and your inquiries. We supply only new products. However, minor defects from the production process are inevitable, and we can not be responsible for them. They can not be grounds for a refund or replacement request.

If you receive a damaged item, or if it was damaged during shipment, or if the product you have received does not match the one you have ordered, you must notify us by e-mail within three days of receiving the product, and send to us by regular mail the product in its original complete packaging and with the receipt within 7 days of receiving the product. A new product corresponding to your order will be sent to you at the next shipping date after we receive the first product back, and the shipping cost of the first product will be returned to you. However, if you then prefer to cancel the order, we will refund your money. If you fail to comply with these instructions, we will not be liable to return the money to you, whether it be the cost of the product or the shipping fees.

If the product your receive does not meet your expectation although it corresponds to your order, you may return it by registered mail within 7 days of receipt, in its original and complete packaging and with the receipt. It will be refunded only if the product comes back to us without any injury. However, shipping charges will not be returned to you and a handling fee will be charged [15% of the product value].

All refunds will be made either on your credit card, or your Pay Pal account, or by check or by bank transfer.

Article 5: Payment and secured information

Payment is by credit card if your bank account is in Israel and through Pay Pal if your bank account is outside Israel; any other form of payment such as checks or bank transfer is feasible only after a written agreement between you and the site using the 'Contact Us' page.

All personal information filled in the order form pass through the process of SSL encryption before it is sent to us. 'Laga'at Ba'aretz' ['Touch Israel'] doesn't keep any information on your bank account on its server. Therefore you are required to enter data for each new order on our site. Our site complies to international standards of secured transmission of data [PCI compliance].

Payment by Paypal:

To protect your credit card information and bank account numbers, PayPal servers which are protected by a firewall, are not connected directly to the Internet.

Article 6: Customs fees

If the shipping address is outside Israel, it might be subject to custom taxes when the package reaches destination. These possible fees are the responsibility of the buyer. We do not undertake to check and inform you about the duties and taxes imposed by the country of destination for our products. Note that the sale and shipping of maps outside Israel will not start before April 25th, 2011.

Article 7: Limitation of responsibility

We cannot be held responsible for failing to respect contractual obligations if this is due to unforeseen circumstances or to force majeure as defined by Israeli law.

Article 8: Use of the site www.tavlit-israel.com, copyright

Access and use of the site www.tavlit-israel.com are limited to personal use. You may not download or modify all or part of this site without written permission from us. You may not use the site's content [product list, descriptions, prices, data, software, sound clips, graphics, pictures, photos, tools or any other content] to any purpose. It is absolutely forbidden to reproduce, copy, sell or exploit even part of this site for any reason without our signed permission. It also strictly forbidden to break the code of the site or part of it, to use it, to modify it, to give it or to sell it. It is strictly forbidden to use techniques to copy mark, logo, photo, graphic, or any other information which we own without our written permission.

Article 9: Comments, reviews, communications

Users of the site can send feedback, comments, submit ideas, suggestions, questions or any information as long as the content is not illegal, threatening, obscene, offensive, libelous, defamatory, and does not constitute infringement of intellectual property, does not contain any viruses, political activity, commercial solicitation, mass mailings, chain or any other form of 'spam.' Any communication must be identified. You may not write using a fake e-mail address or impersonate any person or entity.
We reserve the right to publish, translate, distribute any content on behalf of the sender, as long as the sender has not required otherwise.

Article 10: Protection of personal data

We are committed to protecting any personal data transmitted to us in any order or inquiry. All personal data is treated in strict confidence. All information provided is encrypted using SSL technology .

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