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Hebrew raised-relief map of Israel – size M
Model: H47
Scale: 1:900000
Frame: without frame (with frame-like margins)
Dimensions: 20'' * 9'' (incl printed frame)
Price: 13.00 Us $ (incl. VAT)

Blank relief map, size M, for erasable pen
Model: BL68
Scale: 1:710000
Frame: No frame. Mounted on mdf board
Dimensions: 26.8” x 12.6”(including margins)
Price: 10.00 Us $ (incl. VAT)
Blank relief map. Great didactic tool for teaching geography, history, current events, etc. fits pens for white boards. Shipping is awfully expensive for one map. Sorry. Take five together (contact us).

*Delivery: 29.00 US$

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