Israel attracts a disproportional amount of attention in the Occident, it is on and off on the news, and most adults in America, Europe and elsewhere have an opinion about Israel and its impact in the world. Other people know Israel from the Bible. However, not many people are able to tell facts about Israel, its geographical characteristics, its size, or its demography.

Our raised-relief maps intend to contribute to a better knowledge of the geography and landscapes of Israel, in a time regular paper maps are no longer attractive. Raised-relief maps are an excellent didactic tool for learning about a country: a single look at our map can explain why there is a desert between the mountains of Jerusalem and the Dead Sea, or why it's so humid in Tel Aviv and dry in Jerusalem. The Syro-African Rift appears clearly, and so on. In addition, such map will help understanding geo-political problems of the region and the strategic importance of the topography. Even though they are not meant to be a scientific tool, our maps combine precision, a wealth of information, together with an aesthetic design. The result is an attractive map which will catch the attention of anyone.

The quality of our 3-D map will fit in public institutions such as community centers, libraries, classrooms, waiting rooms, as well as private homes. Raised-relief maps make also a wonderful gift for Bar / Bat Mitzvah, wedding, birthday, employees committees, ...

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