Three-dimensional biblical map makes biblical studies more attractive

biblical studies could be very boring or on the other hand very fun and amusing with this 3d biblical map students can improve thier ability to study and concentration


The renewed interest around the world  for Biblical studies is now a recognized fact. This regained impulse is partly due to the general reinforcement of religious feeling in the major three monotheistic religions. The Bible being the root of the Occidental civilization, many people try to understand our epoch by studying its sources.

Biblical history has progressed tremendously in the last 100 years, and especially in the last 40 years, thank to numerous archeological discoveries made in Israel in the past decades.  These discoveries give now a more accurate picture of the“biblical map” in general and of what was life in Ancient Israel , often correcting previous hypothesis.

One of the domain of Biblical studies is biblical geography and the effort to get an idea of the biblical map of Israel. This is a very controversial area if study, since scholars are often in disagreement with one another concerning the location of ancient sites. The task is even more complex when traditions say something and scholars say something else. This, in addition to the fact that Scriptures often lack internal coherence when describing the location and timing of events. This is the reason why one can get very different maps, from the internet for example, when looking for a biblical map .

The raised-relief biblical map that was edited recently in Israel is based on the most serious studies and atlases. It includes most biblical towns, the geographical data mentioned in the Bible such as specific rivers, valleys, springs and mountains, as well as the main roads used in ancient times. It also mentions the political kingdoms of that time, the Tribes borders, and the roads used by the Patriarchs. Uncertain locations are explicitly mentioned as such on the biblical map. Adding to all this  the 3D feature, the map is eventually a very rich and complete study tool, providing a huge amount of information in a clear  and precise way. This explains the high interest if has  received in Biblical institutes around the world. The three dimensional biblical map will soon be available in additional languages.

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