Old Testament Map

3D Old Testament map: great didactic tool for Bible study

Those who pursue serious Bible study often look at bible maps for reference to understand the scripture in detail. Taking reference from maps help students understand historical background and geographical locations of the places revealed in the bible. Most of the maps available in the market are plain and without any special effect and clear specification, that makes map-reading job tiring and tough.  


Ordinary maps are often unorganized and cluttered making the job of searching desired place hard for unfamiliar users. In order to solve the problem, map manufactures have come up with innovative 3D map or raised-relief map idea to make map reading easier and more attractive. 3D Old Testament map  is a great didactic tool for studying and illustrating the geography and topography of Ancient Israel.


The Old Testament map of Israel represents the land between the Mediterranean Sea and the Jordan River and some additional territories east of the Jordan Valley. On the map are visible the five natural regions which compose this tiny piece of land: the Maritime Plain, the Judean Lowland, the Hill Country, the Jordan Valley, and the Eastern Mountain Range. It displays all the important rivers, brooks, lakes, and mountains of that time with their historical names. The raised-relief Old Testament map is very rich in biblical references as compared to most two-dimensional Old Testament maps in the market.


The study of historical maps is an essential part of religious as well as regular study. It helps students become aware of all the major events that took place in the biblical history of Israel. In addition, the relief-raised Old Testament map is attractive even for those who do not engage in biblical studies. The topography that is immediately perceptible stimulate imagination and curiosity of anyone familiar with such names as Jerusalem, Beit El or Be'er Sheva.


This map is useful to makes sense and order in the numerous geographical names mentioned in the Bible. By keeping track on the Old Testament map of the various events, the Bible will come to life,  pupils and students will understand it much better. As a result of this, Bible study with our 3D map leave long lasting impression on their mind.


This is the reason why there has been a high demand of the 3D Old Testament map in many schools and colleges in Israel and in Bible study centers in the world.

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